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Image of Stoneware Hand-built Vase - Blossom Powder

Stoneware Hand-built Vase - Blossom Powder


This off-white stoneware vase was hand-built and in East London. It is illustrated with underglaze and coated with very pale powdery peach glaze and features a playful sighthound on the front.

Approximate size: 23cm x 19cm x 4cm

Dry flowers recommended. Ceramic vases are typically seep/leakproof, but due to the crackle nature of the glaze, should ideally be placed on a moisture barrier/coaster to protect precious surfaces and to extend the life of the object.

The beauty of imperfections:
Based on the creative nature of my products, each product looks a little different from the next. As all items are hand made and my process is genuine and full of love and care some imperfections might be present - they are part of the nature and character of the piece. Any item you purchase is one of a kind.

I recycle packaging to reduce the impact on environment, which sometimes can look a bit ugly or messy, but rest assured your vase will arrive safely cushioned and that's the main thing.

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